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A river of lava has devastated villages at the base of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala, killing at least 25 people. Guatemala's disaster prevention agency said the settlement of El Rodeo had been buried by ash and lava. More from Will Grant.
Local people near Volcano Fuego used to living in the shadow of an active volcano, however, the sheer magnitude and speed of this event appears to have caught people off guard. Many victims were trapped in their homes as the river of molten rock came barreling down the mountainside and through their communities. The elderly have been a particular risk in some of the isolated mountainous villages near the popular tourist destination of the city of Antigua. Plumes of ash and smoke have reached six thousand meters above sea level, and television picture showed a vast ash cloud towering over the surrounding area.
Three of the highest-ranking officers in the North Korean military are reported to have been relieved of their duties in recent months. It's believed that there had been some unease in the North Korean military over their leader Kim Jong-un's approach to next week's summit with President Trump, with many believing the country's nuclear weapons were crucial to its survival. From Seoul, here is Hywel Griffith.
There's no official confirmation as yet from North Korea that may never come. However,洪震南 we're aware from reports both here in South Korea and coming from Japan and now the US as well, suggesting that over the course of last few weeks, three have been changed,什么是货贷 with the new Defense Chief being introduced No Kwang Chol, new Chief of the Army天生韩信, Ri Yong Gil. And that would come on the back of replacement last month of the head of the Politburo.
One of Australia's biggest banks, Commonwealth刹那清欢 , has agreed to pay a 530 million-dollar fine to settle claims that it breached laws against money laundering and terrorism financing. If approved by the Federal Court, it will be the largest ever civil penalty in Australian corporate history. The Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison says the bank must now rebuild its reputation.
It is for them to rebuild that trust. It is for them to make these admissions. It is for them to incur these penalties and get on with the job of restoring trust in the conduct of the CBI, and this爆转陀螺王, I think is another important step towards doing that.
Hehasalwayslivedintheshadowofhisbrother.他一直活在他哥哥的影子中饶同珍 。
报道称谷薇,近几个月内,有三名朝鲜军方最高级别官员被免职。有人认为苍狼传说 ,朝鲜军方对其领导人与特朗普总统下周的会晤感到担忧,一些人认为核武器是朝鲜得以生存的关键. 以下是海韦尔·格里菲斯从首尔发回的报道。
现在为止还没有朝鲜方面的官方确认,或许永远也不会有了。但是从韩国、日本以及美国的报道我们获悉,在最近几周内,有三名官员的职位有变更,新任国防部长换成了努光铁王泽霖 ,新任人民军总参谋长换成了李永吉。在这次大换血之前,政治局领导也在上个月被替换田心贞 。
澳大利亚最大银行之一,澳大利亚联邦银行违法洗钱并资助恐怖分子决战华岩寺 ,作为赔偿,该银行同意缴纳5.3亿美元罚款。如果联邦法院批准通过的话,如果联邦法院批准通过的话怒荡千军,这将成为澳大利亚企业历史上最大的一笔民事罚款。澳大利亚联邦财政部长斯科特·莫里森表示现在这家银行必须要重新树立自己的信誉。